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The most critical resources for any organization today are information, ideas, and talent. The Decoded Company is a management toolkit for the future, offering a strong vision and a practical approach of what an organization can be when it is as connected as its customers already are.

Professor Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum, Founder and Executive Chairman

Next generation management calls for next generation tools. The Decoded Company shows you how to build truly 21st century operating systems that use data to empower talent, creating not just efficiencies but true capability across your entire business.

Don Tapscott International bestselling author of 15 books, speaker and Adjunct Professor of Management, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

A compelling insight into the company of the future that integrates culture and data. Through the years I’ve probably read over 1,000 business books and The Decoded Company is among the handful of the most visionary.

Robert Reiss Host of The CEO Show and Forbes Columnist

We have the technology. We have the data. But while many companies are using analytics to improve their market share, few are using them to put their own houses in order. The insights and lessons in The Decoded Company can give our whole business model a much-needed reboot

Mitch Joel President, Twist Image – Author, Six Pixels of Separation & CTRL ALT Delete


Let us ask you a deceptively simple question: What if you understood your people better than you understand your customers? What if we learned to decode the real story that is embedded in the data trail that follows our people and every project they work on? What if we put its messages to use—not to get the better of our talent but to get the best from them – to help them get into the zone; to make their jobs better, and to improve the performance of the whole organization? The answers, it turns out, are radically transformative.

Based in part on our experience building Klick into a $100m business, and on case studies from a wide range of industries, we argue that the new key to a sustainable competitive advantage is to become a Decoded Company: talent-centric, data-driven, flexible, and fast. We’ll show you how any manager in any size of organization can personalize each employee’s experience, increase emotional engagement, speed up mastery of new skills, increase the time spent “in the zone” and maximize their entire team's potential. You’ll learn about three disruptive Decoded principles that will accelerate your management practice into the 21st century.

Technology as a coach

Transform your existing technology into a coach that brings out the best in your people rather than a referee that just yells "offside!". Discover how the technologies that power Amazon, Netflix, Google, and eHarmony can be used to engage, motivate, and train your people.

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Data as a sixth sense

Learn how UPS, 37signals, Bank of America, and Whole Foods give their people decision making superpowers by pairing instincts with analytics to gain a perspective that’s grounded in data but tempered by experience.

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Engineered Ecosystem

Discover the simple culture secrets that brought feedback to, poured the heart into Starbucks’s rebirth, and drive Valve’s incredible $3bn in revenue.

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Meet The Authors

Leerom Segal is the president and CEO of Klick and has been named "Entrepreneur of the Year" by the Business Development Bank of Canada, won the "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" award from Ernst and Young, been recognized as a "Top 40 Under 40" by The Globe & Mail, and been named to Profit Magazine's Hall of Fame as the Youngest CEO ever to lead a Profit 100 company.

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Aaron Goldstein is a founding partner of Klick, helping to drive the adoption of advanced technologies to increase the effectiveness and sophistication of our solutions. As chief operating officer, he helps orchestrate our multi-disciplinary teams across all of our client portfolios and projects, and draws on his love of complex systems to efficiently deliver marketing, learning, and operational solutions.

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Jay Goldman is a managing director at Klick, focused on our innovation mandate and on exploring the opportunities in new channels and markets. He was previously head of marketing for Rypple, a venture-backed startup acquired by Salesforce in 2012 and now known as He is the author of the O'Reilly Facebook Cookbook, and he has been published in the Harvard Business Review.

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Rahaf Harfoush is a digital foresight strategist and the author of Yes We Did: An Insider’s Look at How the Media Built the Obama Brand. Formerly she was the associate director of the Technology Pioneers at the World Economic Forum. She was a contributor to the best-selling Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything (Tapscott 2006), and Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World (Tapscott 2008).

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Leerom Segal

Leerom is obsessed with building a culture that attracts and engages the industry’s leading minds. He is deeply curious about how data can be used to improve the predictability and consistency of the business, while aiding in orchestrating all the moving parts. He is also passionate about health and doing meaningful work. Leerom began his career in health over nineteen years ago.

Since 1997, Klick has continued to grow profitably and be recognized as one of the country’s fifty best-managed companies, fifty best employers, and fifty fastest-growing tech companies. Klick is a Branham Top 10 Healthcare IT Company and was named by the World Economic Forum as a Global Growth Company to watch.

Beyond his pursuit of growth for Klick, Leerom is most proud of his devoted family and his commitment to community involvement. Through the Klick Foundation, Leerom fully embraces every opportunity for community service.

In 2004, Leerom was named to Profit magazine’s Hall of Fame for being the youngest ever CEO of a Profit 100 Company. Leerom is a longtime TEDster and TEDMEDster. He is an active member of the Clinton Global Initiative and the Young Presidents’ Organization. He regularly contributes to several publications, chairs various digital marketing boards and conferences, and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Digital Health Coalition

Aaron Goldstein

Aaron is a founding partner of Klick, helping to drive the adoption of advanced technologies to increase the effectiveness and sophistication of our solutions. As chief operating officer, he helps orchestrate our multidisciplinary teams across all of our client portfolios and projects and draws on his love of complex systems to efficiently deliver marketing, learning, and operational solutions. He works to ensure we always use data to make evidence-based decisions. He is committed to providing clients with the maximum amount of flexibility so that our solutions can seamlessly integrate with existing technologies.

Aaron also drives our culture of collaboration, overseeing not only the production of the work but also all of the underlying infrastructure and systems that make it possible. He is obsessed with making Genome—our innovative operating system—maximally optimize every aspect of our operation.

Jay Goldman

Jay has been providing a human side to technology for over ten years, as a technologist, user experience specialist, and visual designer. His career has been focused on the interaction between people and technology, and his insights have helped to greatly improve products on mobile, Web, and desktop platforms, including IBM DB2 and Mozilla Firefox. Prior to Klick, he was head of marketing for Rypple, a venture-backed start-up acquired by Salesforce in 2012. Rypple represents an entirely new approach to performance management, moving from monolithic, deeply hated, and extremely expensive annual reviews to feed- back loops and coaching. Rypple powers the people management practice at Facebook, Kobo, Gilt, and Mozilla, among others. Jay is a managing director at Klick, focused on our innovation mandate and on exploring the opportunities in new channels and markets.

Jay has contributed to the Harvard Business Review and is the author of the O’Reilly Facebook Cookbook, one of the earliest books to explore the power of the Facebook Platform.

Rahaf Harfoush

Rahaf is a digital foresight strategist and author who has a deep passion for exploring how technology is affecting the way we communicate, work, and play. As the cofounder of Red Thread, a consulting agency that provides clients with out-of-the-box thinking to tackle strategic challenges, she leads organizations across industries in understanding emerging technology trends and identifying, articulating, and acting on areas of strategic opportunity.

In 2012, Rahaf was recognized as a World Economic Forum Young Global Shaper. She is also a Global Ambassador for the Sandbox Network, a global community for exceptional entrepre- neurs under the age of thirty. Rahaf is on the board of directors for Taking it Global and a member of the advisory boards for One- Leap.To, Enstitute, and Syria Deeply. She is a contributor to the Mark News, The Next Web, and Techonomy.

Formerly, Rahaf was the associate director of the Technology Pioneers program at the World Economic Forum, where she iden- tified disruptive start-ups that were improving the state of the world. In 2009, Rahaf published her first book, Yes We Did: An In- sider’s Look at How Social Media Built the Obama Brand, about her experiences as a part of Barack Obama’s New Media team during his 2008 presidential election campaign. Rahaf was also the re- search coordinator for the bestselling Wikinomics: How Mass Col- laboration Changes Everything by Don Tapscott and worked with him in researching Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation Is Changing Your World.


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